Trailer: If I Stay

Trailer: If I Stay

Earlier this week, the trailer for If I Stay was released.

An adaptation of Gaye Forman’s excellent young adult novel, If I Staytells the story of Mia (played, in what would seem to be a case of perfect casting, by Chloe Grace Moretz), a talented cellist who, after being involved in a horrific traffic accident, finds herself forced to literally choose between life and death.  The book was a…

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AMV of the Day: The Gore Never Bothered Me Anyway (Elfen Lied)


The latest “AMV of the Day” doesn’t come courtesy of this past spring’s Anime Boston, but it caught my eye since it was the latest creation from one of my favorite AMV creators: IleiaAMVs.

“RadioAkshun” was her very popular and excellent AMV from last year’s anime con season and her latest offering for this weekend’s Sakura-Con 2014 may just be another hit.

This latest anime music video from…

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look at how cute everyone is

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Mako in Osaka. My absolute favorite part from the show. If you haven’t watched Kill la Kill yet, then go do it. Right now. 10/10.

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When you’re in class and the teacher says you name.


When you’re in class and the teacher says you name.

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Anime: Kill la Kill

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